Chapter XII Evaluation on Grand Unified Society

Section II Evaluation on the Justice of Social System

Justice is the value of social system which originates from human beings' rational requirements on themselves. The demand is necessary for realizing health and sequent running of human society, realizing the principle of maximum value and making utmost people acquire utmost value realization.

If the grand unified society could realize the justice of social system or not is an index measuring the entirety value importance of the grand unified society in an indirect point of view. To evaluate the justice of social system is to analyze whether its system realizes equity and reasonableness based on the interests of human entirety. Next, we will carry out comprehensive and deep analysis and research on the social system of the grand unified society from the follow four aspects including entirety justice, group justice, individual justice and generation justice.

I. Entirety Justice

In national society, the competition and hostility between countries are always finally solved by the form wars. Therefore, the first consideration for the supreme power—the national regime to decide all the problems is how to prevent from the aggression of other countries and how to invade other countries. It is same with how to keep away from the slaughter of congener and how to slaughter congener. Standing on the point of view of entirety justice, it is required the first guarantee of social system should be human beings’ existence while the national society is exactly on the other way round. Therefore, the national society loses its rationality completely.

Just because of the above mentioned irrationality with the social system, we find that any most advanced technological achievement must be used for manufacturing weapons to kill the congener firstly in the national society rather than be used for benefiting human beings firstly.

The life-and-death competition and hostility between countries causes in that the country is impossible to think of the happiness feeling of the people more when it confirms its social system. The country considers firstly how the people acclimatize themselves to such competitive demand could be most advantageous for the country to get victory in the competition and hostility. Therefore, most of policies and systems established by the country are reasonless in safeguarding the sense of happiness of the human entirety.

We could find that every country devotes greatly to the military expenditure but carry out less assistance to the poverty-stricken population which obviously isn’t beneficial for the realization of human beings’ happiness value. We also notice that country always produces a kind of tense atmosphere with fierce competition to lead people for competition rather than consider how to create a kind of mild environment for people acquire sense of happiness totally. Consequently, people always feel exhausted and gloomy in such environment with fierce competition.

The establishment of all social systems in the grand unified society is quietly different from that in national society. Due to the uniqueness of the world regime and the only interest represented by the world regime is the interest of all human beings. Then, how to guarantee general existence security and happiness feeling of all human beings will definitely become the only considering direction of the world regime after losing the life-and-death competitive objects and immense competitive pressure between the supreme power bodies. The rationality of such though orientation of establishing social system is unparalleled by the national society in the aspect of guaranteeing the realization of all human beings’ entirety value. All of this could represent the entirety justice of the grand unified society by comparing with the national society.

Actually, the grand unified society is much better than the national society in many respects of representing its entirety justice. For example: 

A simple common sense tells us that the entirety interests of human beings are higher than national interests, ethical interests and religious interests. That is because any country, nation or religion is just a part of human beings and the global. It is a most fundamental principle that the part should be affiliated to the entirety. However, the realistic situation in the national society is the part interests are above the entirety interests. Because the supreme power in the world is country and the national regime stands in the point of view of the national interests, the national regime will abandon the interests of the human beings and maintain the national interests desperately when there is confliction between the entirety interests of all human beings and the national interests. The nation and religion also do in this way when they deal with their interests.

II. Group Justice

All men are created equal in despite of area, color, parentage or birth time. Everyone has equal human right. However, we find that the citizen in one country could earn 1000 dollars while the citizen in another country could only get 10 dollars after paying same labor. The citizen in one country could enjoy excellent social welfare while the citizen in another country could only beg for living after being old. The citizen in one country could live in a democratic, open and free political environment while the citizen in another country has no freedom in the rule of despot. Be the same as human beings, some races suffer from discrimination while some other races hold their head high. It is obviously unequal. 

Since it is well known that all men are created equal and human rights are inherent, it can’t just require the people from one country, one nation or one religion possess of equal human rights but all human beings should enjoy equal human rights. This is real and impartial equal human rights conforming to group justice. However, it is impossible to realize the goal in national society.

But the grand unified society realizes the integration of nation and religion. And country disappears in the world. People accept the governing of one regime, enjoy the welfare system of one society, possess of equal political, economic and cultural rights and also take equal corresponding liability and obligation in one society. Therefore, only the grand unified society could realize equal human rights of all human beings really.

Analyze group justice on the other hand: People can’t seek for their existence by depriving other people’s life and can’t acquire their happiness by producing pain for other people. It is the recognized moral codes involving fundamental equity. But the mankind group always breaches the moral principle.

War is the most typical and cruel unjust behavior which seeks for its own existence by destroying other people. In the history of national society, the cruel phenomenon of “large country robs small country and small country plunders smaller country” has never been eliminated. The ravening way is war. The country still kills its people after robbing the wealth of the other country. The strong tyrannizes while the weak can only submit to humiliation. The phenomenon that disobeys the group justice is an important feature of the national society.

Terrorism attack also has similar unjust characteristic. Terrorism attack always repays its hatred on country, nation or religion to the civilian and deprives innocent people’s lives with brutal means. It is also the typical feature of national country breaching he group justice seriously.

Certainly, the grand unified society also can’t avoid war and terrorism attack completely. However, along with the disappearance of country and the integration between the nation and religion and measure such as establishing non-competition and even-wealth society, promoting mild and friendly value concepts, controlling the folk use of all destructive weapons uniformly, war and terrorism attack will decrease remarkably, especially mass slaughter, slaughter aiming at civilian and slaughter aiming at plunder in the grand unified society. Therefore, the grand unified society is apparently better than national society in the aspect of representing its group justice.

III. Individual Justice

As an individual, if he doesn’t rob or steal other people’s property, or he seeks for his existence and happiness not by depriving other people’s existence and happiness, he doesn’t breach public moral codes and lives in the society legally and harmoniously, it is certain that he is a man conforming to the requirement of justice principle.

In fact, any society couldn’t realize that every people in the society could comply with the requirement of justice principle. There are people who disobey public morality and laws in any society. But comparing with the national society, the grand unified society could decrease the unjust behavior of individual to the minimum.

Indubitably speaking, the requirement on individual justice is what the national society emphasizes and publicizes. Because any country hopes its interior could realize harmony and stability and people could live and work in peace and contentment. However, basic characteristics of the national society decide that when the country advocates and maintains individual justice, it makes the individual justice weak and collapsed gradually on the other hand.

There are three kinds of powerful forces that slaughter the congener in the human society: country, nation and religion. These three kinds of forces coexist in the national society which makes the phenomenon of frequent occurrence of mass war and terrorism attack always exists in the human history. Bloody slaughter of plunder and revenge in which the strong bully the weak takes place constantly in the platform of human society. Everyone with thought and observation ability could feel all of this. In the human society, the behavior of every organization and group could inevitably influence and exert a subtle influence on every people living in the environment. The most powerful and influential behavior is the behavior of country, nation and religion which is also the example for human individual to be accustom to imitate and learn. However these three kinds of forces on the one hand gradually bring forward justice requirement to everyone, they do things disobeying the justice principle gradually on the other hand. It makes the country appears pale and faint when it publicizes justice principle to the people. And the country acquires limited effect.

Additionally, in order to be on a good wicket in the fierce competition and hostility, the country advocates moral value concepts such as brave, adventure, exploitation and innovation to the people. But those moral value concepts have negative function because when they exert their positive function, there are people who exert them reversely. People will be brave to plunder and take a risk to kill people and commit crimes with newest and most advanced method.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, the national society is certainly a society with high crime rate. Furthermore, the proportion of breaching the public morality is very high. It is the behavior of individual unjustness.  

The grand unified society changes the condition in national society basically. Due to the disappearance of country and the integration of nation and religion, the most powerful resistant body in the national society vanishes. The world regime is the unique supreme power in the grand unified society. It only has interior affairs and doesn’t have foreign affairs. Therefore, it has the qualification completely and brings forward corresponding justice principle just standing in the point of view of the human entirety interests. At the same time, it is qualified and capable to set an example to demonstrate the justice principle.

The grand unified society considers the establishment of even-wealth society with non-competition and maintaining the whole society with mild and friendly atmosphere as its construction goal which decreases the hatred between people greatly. The grand unified society advocates the life concept such as medium pay, medium gain, thrifty living and with surplus. Moreover, it is easy to realize the goal along with the ordinary promotion and application of safe and mature technology. Because of small desire and high satisfaction on demand, people who do incorrect behavior will be fewer. All decide that the grand unified society would be a society with lower crime rate and people in the society will obey public morality codes. It shows that the grand unified society is much better than the national society from the point of view of individual justice.

IV. Generation Justice

Although the history for the existence of human beings on the earth should be much longer, the resources on the earth are limited. If we use up these resources today, our offspring won’t live happily. If human beings destroy the earth badly, our offspring will feel difficult to clear up the awful mess. It will be an inhumane and disgraceful unjust behavior if people just think of themselves and neglect the offspring. However, we are now doing such kind of things which show our irresponsibility to our offspring. The excessive exploitation of non-renewable resources is causing the depletion of resources. The excessive land cultivation and excessive grazing in pastureland are resulting in land desertification. The destruction of forest is causing water and soil erosion and loss of biological diversity. The destruction on environment makes the earth become not suitable for human beings’ existence. All of the above points endanger the interests of our offspring.

Factually, people realize these issues early. International organizations such as the UN also try to prevent the development of such behaviors by various methods. And many multilateral agreements are supported and subscribed by every country. But the actual implementing effects are quite different.

Fierce competition between countries and comparison effect caused by coexistence of many countries make every country is in the state of high-strung development pressure. It is such kind of pressure that leads to that the leader of any country is difficult to truly give attention to the offspring’s interests during the development, especially the future interests of the entire mankind.

The world regime in the grand unified society represents the interests of the entire mankind. And as the unique supreme power without the pressure of competition and hostility, the world regime could completely plan the affairs of all human beings calmly and rationally in such noncompetitive environment. Additionally, together with the wide spread of currently safe and mature technology in the global and the promotion of even-wealth policy, the grand unified society could guarantee people could realize the even-wealth life in the condition of ample food and clothing. Therefore, the resource issue, environment issue and population issue could all be solved perfectly under the uniform rules of the world regime.

To sum up, the grand unified society has more excellent characteristics than the national society in realizing the values of human beings furthest through carrying out direct assessment on the realization degree of human beings’ values and conclusion indirectly drawn by carrying out assessment on the justice of social system.

Indubitably speaking, due to the restriction on technology development in the grand unified society, people won’t be able to acquire more relevant technological products and the creature comforts brought by it. This is the only factor which is disadvantageous for the realization of human values in the grand unified society. Other aspects are all advantageous for the realization of human values except this.

By comparison, creature comfort just belongs to the category of happiness value and not the entirety of happiness value. It is because the meaning of happiness is more plentiful that that of creature comfort. Furthermore, the creature comfort in the precondition of extreme disparity between the rich and the poor and great mental pressure isn’t the general creature comfort of all human beings and can’t bring general happiness to human beings as well. Nevertheless, by the restriction on technology development, human beings could avoid regular mass slaughter and prevent the danger of self-extinction especially. It is a matter concerning the existence of human beings, especially the entirety existence. During the comparison of existence value and happiness value, existence ranks firstly and happiness ranks the subordination. In addition, comparing the entirety existence and part happiness, the existence is more important. Just from this point, we bet that the grand unified society is much better than the national society.

However, the significance of the grand unified society in realization of human beings’ values is more beyond this. It is incomparable by the national society in the aspects of being beneficial for human beings to acquire happy life and the realization of offspring’s values. The clear conclusion could not only be drawn by analyzing the realization degree of human values in these two social morphologies but also by analyzing the justice of social system.

We could find out through careful analysis that the grand unified society is specially applicable for being a social morphology with the ideal of non-competition, non-hostility and even-wealth (The grand unified society is exactly unsuitable for the social morphology with the objective of competition, opposition and large gap between the rich and the poor) due to the uniqueness of its supreme power—world regime and the unique representation of the entire human beings. Moreover, the social morphology with the ideal of non-competition, non-hostility and even-wealth is extremely advantageous for the realization of series of values such as human existence and happiness. Therefore, the social morphology is especially advantageous for the realization of maximum value principle. Its characteristic of being advantageous for the realization of maximum value principle is more excellent than that of all the previous social morphologies and all the social morphologies we could imagine. Thus, the grand unified society is actually an indubitably ideal society.

We make sure that the original intention of “the human society must move towards the grand unification” is completely a compulsory selection in order to avoid the terrible fate of human extinction. However, we could find out that such kind of society being necessary for human existence is an ideal society which is most beneficial for the realization of human beings’ values by a series of analysis. Therefore, a society selection which is compulsory for human beings exactly conforms to the society selection which is best for human beings.