Section IV Inspiration of Extra-terrestrial: Philosophic Deduction of Self Annihilation

Section IV Inspiration of Extra-terrestrial:

Philosophic Deduction of Self Annihilation

With generation to former analysis, we can conclude same on various kinds of perspectives, e.g. if the science and technology develops according to present state, human being is sure to be annihilated by science and technology, and the time is not too far. So if we want to save human being, we should limit science and technology to develop further.

The mentioned conclusions are based on various kinds of definite objective conditions, for example, actual case of human being and humane society, actual characters and principles of the science and technology and the science and technology developments etc. But the self annihilation of human being can be concluded from aspect of philosophy besides obvious and complete attestation with the objective conditions, while the foundation of such conclusion is the consideration to living out of Earth.

As a planet moving round Sun, Earth which we live on is part of system of Sun. Sun is in Milky Way galaxy which has about 200 billion fixed stars, so Milky Way galaxy is very common, while whole universe has about 300 billion galaxies, so we can see that how minor we are. However, Earth has cultivated human being, such kind of life with so high wisdom. Since the universe is very great, any thing of small probability can occur. So we should believe that there must be other life existing in universe besides human being.

Researches to solar system can determine that Sun is not fixed star of first generation after Universe came into shape, even not second generation. Universe was born about 1.5 billion years before, while solar system only 5. Due to the grandness of Universe, we can guess that fixed star systems of second generation should have life of higher wisdom. We can see that the fixed star system able to cultivate life should emerge 10 billion years ago. With reference to solar system, which is that human being emerged 5 billion years after formation of Sun, so we can guess that wise life has a cultivation period of 5 billion years in a fixed star system which has developed 5 billion years. With a standard of 10-5 billion years, wise life should emerge 5 billion years ago. If so, after developments of 5 billion years, life of such kind of high wisdom should have abilities to travel in whole Universe. But there are no such kind of accurate proves to prove that there were extra-terrestrial visiting Earth.

Earth is a blue celestial body with special marks in Universe, suitable for life to exist. The wise life who is 5 billion year advanced should know this. In addition, the original life appeared on Earth 3.8 billion years ago, which can show that Earth then had the conditions for life to survive. If the most attractive Earth failed to be visited by extra-terrestrial in 3.8 billion years, there are possible 3 kinds of causes: the distance between fixed stars is too far to be accessible the science and technology of any advanced level can’t realize the travel among fixed stars; extra-terrestrial got extinct before developing enough to travel out of their planets; extra-terrestrial stop continuous science and technology developments positively, they live comfortably on their own planet, so they have no abilities to travel among spaces.

As for the first speculation, chapter three and chapter four have depicted. Here we will give analysis to another perspective.

People on Earth have abilities to fly into spaces after developments for several ten thousand years, and they can fly further out of solar system after several years. In fact detector of human being has flied out of solar system, if life 5 billion years earlier than us can survive now, they are sure to have ability to travel in spaces. They may fail to visit Earth in great amount, but they can visit here in several persons. But all these failed to occur. So we should focus on later 2 possibilities.

Let’s analyze second possibility; extra-terrestrial was extinct before evolving into level of traveling in spaces. But what was the cause of extinction? Was it natural power of Universe? (Such as the crash of asteroid and the devouring of black hole)?

Careful analysis tells that this possibility is not so big since a planet able to produce superior livings is sure to be stable, so the natural power of Universe should cost 100 million years to develop so much as to threat and annihilate superior livings. After developments of several hundred of million of years, extra-terrestrial is sure to be able to travel in spaces and avoid its annihilation. In addition, if there is one unlucky planet failed to survive till having abilities of saving itself, not all other planets are sure to have the same fate as this. In such a grand Universe, the planets able to cultivate life should amount to great number.

So we can only imagine that these extra-terrestrials were annihilated by themselves. We can give such a judgment as for nature of Earth: unbalanced evolvement is common principle of all superior lives in Universe. After a kind of wise life evolves, its abilities of discovering and changing Nature will spur abruptly in some time, and then have and master abilities of annihilating itself in very short time. But they can’t complete the evolvement of controlling their own behaviors (that is the delay of rational evolvement lags behind creativity one), then, with the production of annihilation power, they can’t control effectively the uses to this kind of power, or unwilling to control this kind of power even if they know they can, as a result, if this kind of power can be moved one time, the annihilation will happen. It is perhaps this kind of inherent power in the Universal balance that results into this; this is character of a kind of principle.

With combination to the development history and inherent characters of human being on Earth, the mentioned speculation is sure to occur. Though concept of human being came into shape over 200 years ago, human being has completed its evolvement in recent 50000 years, but since Industrial revolution of 200 years ago, human being was stepping into a period of conscious discovering and changing Nature. During this period, the world changed greatly almost in each interval of 10-20 years, while the speed of change was hundred o even ten thousand times of old time. So we can say that the world must change greatly 100 years late. Each kind of scientific and technologic fruits produced by human being will replace many things of present days, similarly, new sciences and technologies will produce unimaginable ability to destroy.

But in history of over 200 years when many changes occurred, the irrational parts of human nature failed to change a little, and no marks of changes were available. Short-sight, greedy and hatred of human being failed to improve due to improvements of its destructive abilities. That is to say, abilities of human being to change Nature changed abruptly in some certain time and become very strong, while human being has the abilities to rationally control themselves lag behind those of changing Nature, depicted from aspect of biological evolvement, that is the rational evolvement of human being lags behind of their creativity. It is this kind of lag that makes human being unable to control the uses to this kind of  annihilation power when casually found their own powers sooner or later, or during the casual or planned scientific     researches may result into exploration of extinctive powers but they failed to control the limitation to scientific and technologic developments purposely. So there will be some day when human being annihilates themselves due to this kind of time difference between the abilities of changing Nature and controlling its own abilities rationally.

If this is same with extra-terrestrial and it follows same natural principle, it maybe the cause why we failed to meet them.

The third possibility is that the extra-terrestrial may positively stop developments of science and technology and avoid the fate of annihilation, but they have no abilities of traveling in spaces. And then what causes this kind of behavior of extra-terrestrial?

We can think that the extra-terrestrial may have same society as on Earth, during the process of scientific and technologic development, they are enjoying the fruits produced by science and technology and meet the destruction brought about by science and technology frequently. But with science and technology developing into higher rank, its produced destruction may become bigger and bigger. Till one day they realized after consideration that they were doomed to annihilate if kept continuous developments, so they came to themselves to stop the scientific and technologic development and found relevant institutions to guarantee the strict limitation to the scientific and technologic developments. So they stopped the developments of science and technology, and the extra-terrestrial failed to gain the abilities of traveling in paces through the scientific and technologic measures, and they are willing to live peaceful, quiet and happy lives. As a result, we on Earth fail to have chance to meet them.

Since the Universe is very grand, there must be a lot of extra-terrestrial, so the mentioned two kinds of cases are sure to happen on different planets of livings.

It is true that we failed to see the extra-terrestrial and know the planets which the extra-terrestrial can live on, so the mentioned conclusions are just relevant speculation with the philosophic thinking according to some phenomena. But they are combined with the characters of human being on Earth, although they are not absolutely true, they should be very convincing.

This subjective speculation matches completely the former conclusion, which further strengthens the attestation of former conclusion, so we can see more clearly the fate of human being and the future of humane society, and then we have clearer realization to later choices of development roads.

With analysis to extra-terrestrial, we can think as follows: in present days we have reached Moon, so we can reach Mars in middle part of this century, and many detectors of human being are flying into other remote planets from different directions, and they flied out of solar system. It seems to be positive to estimate that human being will have mastered the technology to travel in spaces soon.

However, due to analysis to extra-terrestrial, we can conclude as follows: life of superior wisdom may be annihilated by science and technology before they gain technology of traveling in spaces. If this is not the case, the extra-terrestrial would be sure to visit Earth through flights among planets. This can give a strong inspiration as follows: level of science and technology will reach the level of meeting requirement of annihilating human being before they can travel among planets. This is to say that in present days, if our science and technology continues to develop, human being extinction will occur late and not so far. This conclusion also matches the deduced time of human being annihilation.