Chapter VII Second Way for Human Being to Annihilate

The analysis of last chapter can show that the human being is sure to annihilate due to the scientific and technological developments if we have no proper measure to stop scientific and technological developments. Science and technology has the abilities to annihilate human being, while the annihilation measure will be used by some people once appearing.

Since the holistic survival of human being is very important, the more plentiful the attestation foundation of self-annihilation of human being, the better. Then we should further analyze the problem of human being self-annihilation from other aspects.

It is strictly said that any creature will be born and then dean. If the self- annihilation of human being is very remote, our present worries are unnecessary; but if this kind of annihilation is very near, this problem is sure most important one, since no other problem can be more important than avoiding human being annihilation, including environmental problem, resource problem, population problem and poverty problem etc which are present concerns in international society. All these problems are subordinate problems compared to the holistic existence of human being. So in this chapter, we will specially discuss the problem of time for human being to annihilate and research and evaluated the other relevant problems about the self-annihilation.


Section I Extreme Measure Can't Be Cancelled

All former discussions can give us following clear realization: what extreme measure we have now is the destructive one, and we will have annihilation measure in future. Due to the inevitable use of the extreme measure, we will continuously be spoiled by the destructive measures and live in terror and pains all the time, till the day when we are all ended by our annihilation measure produced by us.

Human nature has great character: he can imagine all the good things for his dreams, but hope to be lucky for the crisis. Confronted with such gloomy result, people may think that whether any kinds of measure has a kind of anti-measure to counteract it, and whether we can find a kind of perfect measure to balance the harms resulted from the destructive and annihilation measures?

The natural principles have really cases of negative strengths to balance positive ones. Newtonian Mechanics tells us that when a force is implemented on an objective, the objective will give you a counterforce; the atomic nucleus has the positive electricity, it has the negative electricity in outer layer to balance; according to the theory of Big Bang, with combination of existence of material in natural world, scientist concluded that there must be anti-material to exist, but they really found the anti-material in late time, which is a miracle. There is combination and decomposition in chemistry; there is differential coefficient and integral in mathematics, etc.

Due to the existence of so many natural cases such as the positive and negative counteraction or positive and negative corresponding and balance etc, many philosophers and politicians are willing to produce a kind of theory, e.g. any harmful measure is not frightening, any kinds of produced measure will meet a counteracting one. So any destructive strength produced by human being will have the corresponding decompounding and balancing strengths. Any destruction produced by science and technology will meet a counteracting science and technology to give balance. This is like a shield to defend spear, or penicillin, erythromycin and selectomycin able to cure any kinds of diseases.

Indeed, it is impossible to counteract the destructive and annihilation measures, the reasons are as follows:

Firstly, any kind of emerged measure will have a long time to produce a counteracting measure. Take the defense of toxin gene as an example, after a kind of new virus emerge, it needs a process of repeated experiments and researches to produce a new medicine. If it is attacked by toxin gene, its counteracting medicine will need a period of time to produce, and during this period of time, many people will die, and this kind of thing has occurred already.

Second, some measures won’t have the counteracting ones. As for two kinds of extinctive measures including atomic weapon and toxin gene in present day, we can assume that there will be corresponding medicine produced after a period of time, but the atomic weapon has no counteracting balances. As for the explosion of A-bomb, present theoretical scientific foundation can’t imagine a kind of counteracting weapon to eliminate the strengths of B-bomb. If a B-bomb explodes among people, it is inevitable to avoid the destruction to human being, unless it won’t explode.

Third, the most ideal case is that each kind of measure can find counteracting measure (this kind of ideal case never exists indeed), but the research and production of counteracting measure are sure to need a period of time. With more and more extinctive measures including future ones, each kind of measure should need time to find the counteracting measures, so the time difference should accumulated and the human being will be exposed to the background of no counteracting measures in a period of long time. This can show that the most ideal case can only reduce the frequencies of using extreme measures and resulting into harms, but it can’t eliminate this kind of harms. So after the extinctive measure emerges, only one time of its harm can result into the extinction of whole human being.