Section II Necessary Occurrence of Annihilating Measures No.2 Deduction Based on the Existing Scientific Theories

Section II Necessary Occurrence of Annihilating Measures No.2

Deduction Based on the Existing Scientific Theories

Human being has created some measures with destructive effect. However, whether nuclear weapons, genetic biology weapons or other slaughtering measures, they are not strong enough to destroy human being.

In accordance with the principle that scientific theory is the basis for instructing technological practice, is the driving force to promote development of science and technology, then, though scientific and technological measures we have mastered are not strong enough to destroy human being, can we deduce that there are scientific and technological force in nature strong enough to destroy human being?  If this deduction exists, it indicates that even if scientific theory not advances any more, just by making efforts on technologies, human being will master measures of self-destroying sooner or later. When conditions are just right, annihilating force deduced from scientific theories will be mobilized.

The following are several kinds of annihilating measures, which are deduced from the perspective of pure theory and on the basis of scientific theories we have mastered.


I. Self-reproducing Nano-robots

As a measuring unit in length, nanometer equals to 10-9 meter,

i.e. one-billionth meter, this is approximately one-fifty thousandth of the diameter of a hair. It is a commonly used unit for measuring size of atom and molecule.

In 1959, Richard Feynman, a famous physical scientist and Nobel prize winner, delivered a speech titled There Are More Space in the Bottom, in which he for the first time put forward that human was able to produce a kind of molecule-size micro-machine, and he thought this would be another technological revolution in human history. At that time, Feynman’s idea was scoffed at by many people. But, scientific development later proofed that Feynman was more provident than the scoffers.

In 1981, scientists developed scanning tunneling microscope. By using it, the cognitive world of human being finally reached the nanometer level. In 1990, scientists in IBM Company wrote three letters of “IBM” on nickel substrate by moving 35 xenon atoms one by one, which indicated that nano-technology has achieved the goal of moving single atom.
Most substance around us exists in the form of molecule, which is made of atom. If we can move atom freely, it indicates that we can changing wastes into valuable, turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal. For example: if we move carbon atom and change it into diamond, diamond will be easy to obtain; if we select the gold atom in low-grade gold mine one by one, gold will not be so expensive.

However, it is no practical sense that to realize the goal of nano-technology by combining manpower with delicate instruments. Because a needlepoint-size thing would consist of hundreds of millions atoms. It is worthless even though all these atoms change into diamond if a man move this atoms in his whole life without a moment's respite by using instruments. To realize the attractive goal demonstrated by nano-technology, we must turn to nano-robot for help.

Scientists conceive of manufacturing a molecular-size robot, which will be specially used to remove atoms to realize the goal of human being. This kind of robot is called nano-robot. After conceiving this, scientists have further visualization for development of nano-robot, for example: let these nano machines into blood vessel of human body to clean cholesterol depositing in venous vessels; use these nano machines to trace cancer cells in human body to kill them when the number is small; let the nano machine immediately change the grass to bread; change the recycled ferrous waste to brand-new and top-grade sedans at once. All in all, future of nano-technology is fantastic.

There are even more fantastic things. When carrying out research on nano-technology, scientists found that this technology can change properties of materials. In 1991, scientists discovered carbon nano tube during the process of researching C60, diameter of which is just several of or dozens of nanometer. It was called the King of Nano Material because of its excellent functions. Therefore, scientists thought it would be helpful to use this material to manufacture nano-robot.

Later, scientists discovered a kind of molecular motor, which is based on the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Energy of the molecule-size mini-motor is the high-performance molecule of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) that provides energy for chemical reaction in cells. The success of molecular motor would settle the core components of nano-machine. If grafted other things on molecular motor, it could become nano-machine, which could be used as an engine for nano-robot.

In May, 2004, American chemists developed the first nano-robot in the world. It was a double-foot molecular robot, whose appearance was like a two-foot dividers. Its leg was just 10 nanometers long, which was made up of DNA fragments, including 36 bases. It could walk on the tray in the laboratory. In April, 2005, Chinese scientists also developed sample machine of robot which could be operated within nano scale. As far as the scientists concerned, the next step was to let the nano-robot to carry cargo just like carry one atom or one molecule.

Compared with the value that a nano-robot could be created, manufacturing a nano-robot was extremely expensive. It was too small. Though what it did was meaningful, the efficiency was too low. Even if a nano-robot worked hard without stopping, its workload could only be calculated on the basis of number of atom. Though number was huge, for example, carrying hundreds of millions atoms, total sum was small.

Therefore, scientists got an idea, that is, give out two instructions when programming the nano-robot, one is for the job it must done, the other is that the nano-robot should make numerous self-reproduction so as to let them help to complete the job together. Because nano-robot had the ability to carry atom, and nano-robot was made of atoms with a small number. So, it was not difficult to reproduce it. If things like this, one nano-robot could replicate ten, ten could replicate one hundred, one hundred could replicate one thousand, one thousand could replicate ten thousand…By doing so, thousands of billions of nano-robots would be replicate within a short time. So all is well with everything if the first nano-robot was produced, because billions of robots reproduced by it would complete work together instructed by human being.

However, one problem occurred, that is, what should we do if these nano-robots continued replicating without cease. Our body and the earth are composed of atoms. If the robots take these atoms in our body as their production materials, our body will be consumed immediately. If the nano-robots continue reproducing forever and never, the earth will be engulfed soon. If these robots are taken to other celestial bodies by cosmic dust, they will also be engulfed. It is a terrible thing.

However, scientists are confident that they can control this disaster. They believe they are able to design a program that make the nano-robots to destroy themselves after reproducing several generations, or design robots which can only make self-reproduction under certain conditions. For example: if these robots are specially used for modifying wastes, they can make self-reproduction only under the condition with wastes, and can only use wastes to make self-reproduction. They can’t reproduce under other conditions, or by using other materials.

Though the idea is good, it is too idealized. Some more rational scientists question this idea by putting forward that what shall we do if program of these robots are fault and they can’t stop making self-reproduction? What shall we do if scientists forgot to designing program for controlling self-reproduction? What shall we do if some utterly conscienceless or abnormal scientists deliberately not adding this controlling program when design nano-robots so as to destroy mankind and the earth? If any of the above-mentioned possibility happens one time, it means human race will be extinct, the earth will be destroyed.

Bill. Joy, chief scientist in Sun Microsystems, is a world-renown scientist and is second to none in the computer field. In April, 1999, he pointed out that, damage of nanotechnology may be bigger than nuclear weapons if it is not used appropriately. If the reproduction of nano-robots is out of control, it will become cancer which can engulf the whole universal. No one can assure that nano-box will become Pandora's Box for billions of nano-robots make continuous reproduction, human race and the whole world will be destroyed.

Anyone can understand a reason that one hoppergrass will do nothing; billions of hoppergrasses will destroy the world. If nano-robots which can make self-reproduction will be really produced one day, the end of mankind is around the corner. At particular, when human being master the technology of how to develop self-reproducing nano-robots, if some vicious scientists have the intention to destroy human being, they will try by every means to design nano-robots which can not only make self-reproduction, but also can make rapid transmission through wind, cloud and fog. Undoubtedly, it is the day that human being will be extinct.

In fact, the day when human can completely master this technology is not far away. We have never stop researching for nano-technology including nano-robots for its attractive future of practical application, especially several science and technology developed countries have invested tremendous vigor into the research.


II. Pushing the bigger Miniplanets to Impacting the earth

65 millions years ago, a miniplant with diameter of 15 kilometers impacted the earth. Huge energy released by it equaled to 10 billion of atom bombs exploded in Hiroshimaken, Japan. The impact caused substance of crust and mantle of the earth billowed into the sky. Rain of lava poured in a large scope. Large quantity of fragments blocked the upper sky of the earth, causing the earth in darkness and coldness for a long period. Many scientists believed that it was this impact that resulted to the extinction of dinosaurs.

Based on the calculation of scientists, human being will be extinct if a miniplant with the diameter of 100 kilometers impacts the earth. Then, do we have the ability to pushing such a miniplanet to impact the earth by relying on the force of science and technology?
In the solar system, miniplanets mainly concentrate on the asteroid belt which lies between Mars and Jupiter. Among hundreds of thousands of miniplanets, some of them with diameter of more than 100 kilometers. If we can push one of them to impact the earth, the whole ecology on the earth will be destroyed so as to cause the extinction of human being. Then, based on the existing scientific theory, is it possible to make out such a deduction?

If we want to push a miniplanet to impact the earth, the first condition is that we can get close to a miniplanet.

There have been 40 years when the first manned spaceship was launched into space, nowadays, human has landed on the moon, and unmanned space flight unit has flied out of the solar system. It is just a matter of time for human being to extend to more remote space. At the early time, space ship was launched to space only by using rocket (at present, rocket is still commonly used). However, rocket can be used only once, the cost is very high, and it is not convenient to operate. In order to saving cost, Americans developed space shuttle which can travel to and fro between space and the earth many times, and can send space ship into orbit of outer space. Though today’s space shuttle can be used many times, the procedure of blasting off is complicated, flying speed and distance is limited.

Just like a driving a common plane, which can start off anytime, manned spacecraft flying to Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn or even further has been visualized by scientist. It is no doubt that this goal is sure to be realized. Then, it is reasonable that installing nuclear-power or solar sail on this spacecraft and continuously fly hundreds of millions kilometers. That is to say, based on the existing scientific theories and technological measures that have mastered, the first condition for pushing the miniplanet can be realized.

The second condition is whether can push the miniplanet to precisely impact the earth.
If the miniplanet is 2 hundred million kilometers away from the earth, just a slight deflection on angle, the distance for it to reach the earth will be greatly changed. So, it can be done with great ease that deflects the orbit of the miniplanet by the powerful force of nuclear weapons. In fact, it is not difficult to push the miniplanet, but it is not easy to push to precisely impact the earth, which need to make revision for its path. Furthermore, many times of revision is requested. In order to realize this goal, the best solution is carrying several nuclear bombs on one spacecraft so as to revise the flight track of the miniplanet anytime.

Today’s nuclear weapon is very heavy, but fission fuel which really takes part in the reaction is not much. The main weight is on devices for nuclear start-up. At present, every country is making great efforts to the miniaturization of nuclear weapons. From the perspective of the future, we can imagine that a nuclear explosion device, which is ten times than that of atom bomb of equivalent weight in Hiroshima, is just thirty or fifty kilograms. Guided missile which has been improved is not only lightweight but also precise. A guided missile launcher with precise positioning is at best one hundred kilograms. Therefore, a spacecraft can carry dozens of or even hundreds of nuclear devices which is launched by guided missile.

As for the miniplanet to precisely impact the earth, it is reasonable to imagine that calculating capability of the intelligent computer in future is amazing (such as quantum computer or photon computer). It can be precisely calculated that a nuclear bomb with how much equivalent weight exploded at which place of the miniplanet. Then, the miniplate can be pushed to a certain place on the earth to impact it. If this can be done, the operation will become easier and more convenient.

Actually, the earth has gravity. If only push the miniplanet to a certain scope, gravity of the earth will attract it automatically. Therefore, even if without precise calculation, the miniplanet can be pushed to the earth. Furthermore, by relying on the gravity of the earth, speed of the miniplanet will be continuously accelerated, thus the power to impact the earth will be extremely huge.

In the future that science and technology is continuously developed, if someone want to retaliate on human being through this measure, it is easy for annihilating human race.


III. Super Genetic Toxin

Biological weapon is considered to be a kind of weapon of mass destruction, which can cause greater damages for human life than nuclear weapons. Because biological weapons can kill life by using its biological toxin, which can propagate itself through various routes of transmission. Therefore, even a small quantity of it can cause destruction in a large scope and last for a longer time.

If the modern genetic engineering is further developed, and is used in the development of biological toxin, genetic toxin which can cause super massive death and destruction will be produced at one’s will. Genetic toxin can be designed to destruction ability with various purposes based on specific demands, for example, specific toxins that can cause death of human brain or heart, failure of function of lung or kidney, or putrescence of other organs. Furthermore, the pertinency is 100% precise.

There are three major routes of transmission for biological toxin, i.e. air, food and drink, and contacting with human body. We can make out such deduction: through genetic modification, a trans-genetic biological toxin which can be transmitted through air, food and drink and body at the same time, speed of propagation is great. So far no according antibiotics or other medicines can cure it. Besides, latent period of this toxin is longer. When human being is infected at large, toxicity of it will explode suddenly, and has no medicine to cure it. If this kind of genetic toxin is really produced, it can cause annihilation of human being.

Let us turn to learn about trans-genetic technology, which is a kind of technology that makes recombination for DNA molecule of biology, removes unnecessary genes and combines the needed genes. By using this technology, human being can recombine species with different properties at their own will.

Using trans-genetic technology to kill human being is carrying out recombination for DNA of biological toxin, which can make it have stronger capacity of transmission, life-force and propagation, as well as stronger capacity of killing lethal organs of human and damaging key genes in DNA.

This technology has not only been proofed feasibly by theory of genetic engineering, but also been made various application in trans-genetic technology. Scientists have cultivated various kinds of trans-genetic biology such as bacteria, virus, plants and animals, etc. It is reported that a kind of biological agent of pyrotoxin has been combined in America. By using trans-genetic technology, people can separate DNA of this virus, then combine it with the DNA of another kind of virus. It is privately said that, only 20 grams of the biological agent can kill the 6 billion people in the world.
However, because human being lives scattered on each corner of the world, current biological weapons can not cause infection for all humans in whole. If we want to make deduction of annihilation for human being, we should take these two factors into account when modifying biological toxin:

1. The first thing to be considered is the transmission of biological toxin, which is the key for this deduction. The toxin shall propagate rapidly and possess all routes of transmission, with longer latent period. The period maybe is two or three year, during which, every one can be infected unconsciously

2. Several kinds of toxins that damage different lethal organs of human body can be applied at the same time. Any kind of the toxin can cause death after being infected with a small amount. In addition, any kind of the toxin has features of rapid propagation, extensive routes of transmission, longer latent period. This consideration is based on that the confidence level of annihilating human being is increased manifold. Even though any kind of the toxin fails to do so, other kinds of it can still annihilating humans.

Today’s scientific theory is advanced enough that can totally fulfill the above-mentioned visualization. But, conditions for modification of biological toxin have not been sufficient, that is because scientists haven’t known much about the information representing by each kind of gene in human body. So, they can’t design a particular toxin targeting a certain lethal organ of human body to make destructive attack. However, scientists are carrying out deep research in this regard. Moreover, it is just a matter of time to achieve the goal for there are no insuperable obstacles.



The above-mentioned contents are just a few typical instances. As a matter of fact, there are still more measures to annihilating human being, which can be deduced on the basis of the existing scientific theories. For example: it can be deduced that super intelligent robots which are self-replicating can implement the program of annihilating so as to put an end to the human race. It is for sure that, intelligent robot, which is able to carry out self-reproduction, can be developed sooner or later. In addition, super intelligent robot, whose intelligence will surpass that of human race, can be visualized. If some psychotic scientists (or something is wrong with the robot, or some other reasons) make reproduction of this robot in large scale, and execute instruction of annihilating human being, it will also cause the extinction of human race.

As another example of this: It can be deduced that nuclear burning occurs in seas and rivers, which cause the complete destruction of ecology of the earth in a sudden, causing extinction of human race. This is on the basis of theory of mass-energy conversion. Any substance contains huge nuclear energy. As far as the nuclear fusion is concerned, it is the easiest to drawn nuclear energy from hydrogen. Water molecule in sea and river is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Therefore, as long as we find according solution can we cause nuclear burning in sea and river, which will make temperature of the earth reach to hundreds of billions of degrees centigrade. If things occur, human race and other life on the earth will go for nothing. Based on the theory of mass-energy conversion, we can deduce that the overall nuclear burning of atmosphere and earth's crust, because substance making up of the atmosphere and crust contains huge nuclear energy.

To sum up, though current technological measures mastered by human race is not advanced enough to destroy them, this ability can be achieved, which can be deduced on the basis of the existing scientific theories. If we can’t take effective control over the irrational development of scientific technology, these measures can be achieved sooner or later. It is just a matter of time.