Section IV Extreme Measure is Necessarily to Be Used

Section IV Extreme Measure is Necessarily to Be Used

I. “Three Increasing” regularities of the extreme measures

According to magnitude of the killing capability, slaughtering measures can be classified into annihilating measure, destructive measure and ordinary measure. Extreme measure refers to the most lethal slaughtering measure in an era.

Annihilating measure refers to measures which can destroy the whole human race. If it is used, there will be no man can survive, at least persons who isn’t able to escape from the earth, can’t survive any more.

Destructive measure refers to measures which will cause death at least thousands of, at most hundreds of billions of at one time when it is used in commonly dense areas (not places with highly dense crowd) to directly attacking people. If it is weapon specially used for killing, it can be directly called destructive weapon.

Besides the characteristic of powerful killing capacity, there are some other characteristics, such as killing scale refers to once application not many times, killing capacity is the direct attack for the crowd, not attack for other objects then indirect injury for human; in addition, this weapon  of mass destruction is only used in commonly dense areas (such as buildings, trains, large-scale transport ship or squares where meeting is holding ) for some common weapons can also cause mass destruction if they are used in places with huge-dense crowd.

Nuclear weapon and trans-genetic biological weapon are both destructive measures for if they are used in a place with commonly dense crowd only once, large-scale bloodshed is beyond the question.

Some other measures, which can cause thousands of, tens of thousands of or even more death, cannot be called destructive measures. For example, colliding a building by an airplane will cause thousands of or even tens of thousands of death. But we can’t say the airplane is destructive measure, for what the plane collides is the building not directly attacking the crowd. It is the tumble down of the building that causes the death of people. Besides, the building is a place with high-dense population, not commonly dense place. Therefore, we can only call the event of the “9.11” terrorist attack in America, during which two airplanes collided the World Trade Tower causing death of thousands of people, a disastrous event, not can’t say the plane is destructive measure.

Take another example, during the World War I and World War II, orthodox explosive could cause hundreds of billions of death, that is the result of using this orthodox explosive many times, not only once, therefore, orthodox explosive can’t be classified as destructive measure.
When the destructive measures are powerful enough that can destroy the whole human race, it is finally evolved into annihilating measure. Annihilating measure is a kind of killing capacity that neither necessarily direct attack for the crowd, nor being used only once. Any measure and any applied method can be called annihilating measure if only it can cause annihilation for human race.

As a matter of fact, we can find that, a measure can’t be annihilating measure if it can cause annihilation for human race by using it hundreds of or thousands of times. Because everyone has the instinct for survival (except few persons with mental disorder), and they will not wait here to let someone kill them. Besides, whether individual or group, they all have sufficient wisdom to guard against attack of various measures. It is impossible that individual and group will guard against and fight back when a kind of killing measure is used for many times. Measures that can annihilate human race by using it only several times are hard to guard against and can realize the goal of extinction of human being. Only these measures can be called annihilating measure. Obviously, what we mastered today is just destructive measures, not annihilating measures. Therefore, today’s extreme measure is destructive measure.

In order to discriminate from destructive measure and annihilating measure, measures which have no destructive or annihilating power are called ordinary measures. During the majority of human history, extreme measures are just ordinary measures. It has only been 60-odd years of emerging of destructive measures (taking the explosion of atomic bomb as a signal); ordinary measure is the sole content in the name list of extreme measure in the previous history.

The “Three Increasing” regularity of extreme measure is the disclosure for the inevitable trend of development of this measure. What is so called “Three Increasing” regularity refers to that extreme measure will inevitably show increasing trend on three aspects, that is, kinds of extreme measure will become more; force of extreme measure will become stronger; people who master the extreme measure will become more. It is called “Three Increasing” regularity for short. Whether extreme measure is on the period of annihilating measure, destructive measure or ordinary measure, it conforms to the “Three Increasing” regularity.

When the remote ancestor of human race was able to walk upright, sticks and stones they used are not only for chasing game, but also for fighting and killing among fellow-creature. This kind of killing measure was the extreme measure at the time. Because the low efficiency of this measure, it was necessarily classified into ordinary measure.

From the primates that was just separated from animals to the explosion of atomic bomb, compared ordinary measures mastered by people in millions of years ago with that sixty years ago, quantities of kinds are as far apart as heaven and earth. There were only stick and stone at the very beginning, next came the stone knife, stone axe and bow and arrow, and then there were sword, blade and pike, following are roer, explosive and cannon, finally there were guided missile, tank, warship and airplane, etc. it is obvious that advancement and development of scientific technologies lead to the continuous increasing of extreme measures. Prior to entering the stage of destructive measure from ordinary measure, kinds of extreme measures are countless.

The explosion of atomic bomb, the earliest destructive measure, opened the new page for using nuclear energy in destructive war. People thought immediately that not only nuclear fission can release nuclear energy, but the outbreak force of atomic fusion would be even stronger. Thus, explosion of hydrogen bomb came later. Therefore, hydrogen bomb was called the second generation nuclear weapon. Today, the third generation nuclear weapon such as neutron bomb and shock weapon have been listed in the name list of nuclear weapons, and the fourth generation nuclear weapon has been included in every country’s research program.

From this we can see, it is obvious that kinds of nuclear weapons are increasing. Though negotiations of nuclear disarmament have been carrying out continuously, the trend of increasing has not been changed.

Moreover, after genetic engineering made breakthrough, it benefited mankind; meanwhile, it was immediately used for killing, which is, getting super biological toxin by changing genetic structure of toxin of biological agent. Thus, trans-genetic biological toxin, a new term,  was added to name list of destructive measures. Undoubtedly, if only scientific technologies continue developing, the trend of continuous increasing of extreme measures will not be changed.

Currently, people haven’t mastered annihilating measures. But if scientific technologies continue developing, annihilating measures are necessarily to appear. Annihilating measures in the future will follow the same rule. As for the huge power of killing measures, current development process is from owning destructive measures to owning annihilating measures. After the first kind of annihilating measure is obtained, the second kind, the third kind, or even more will appear. It is indeed a very simple argument.

When kinds of extreme measures are increasing, force of them are enhancing continuously, which is the essential result of the development of scientific technologies. As for ordinary measures, from the earliest stick and stone to guided missile and cannon; as for the destructive measures, from the earliest atom bomb with force equaling one-two ten thousand of equivalent weight of TNT to the largest hydrogen bomb with 560 million tons of equivalent weight of TNT. The trend of enhancing of force is obvious. Reasons for this developing trend are simple and clear.

When force of destructive measures is huge enough, and has the capacity of destroying the whole mankind, it becomes annihilating measures. Annihilating measures have difference in force. Some need many people to operate, are clumsy or difficult to operate and need to be used many times can annihilating mankind. These are initial annihilating measures with force are not strong enough. Some measures are easy to operate, one person can use it, are easy to obtain, can destroy the whole mankind for once. These are forceful and advanced annihilating measures.

As long as human being doesn’t stop the enthusiastic pursuit for scientific technology, initial annihilating measures will surely be obtained later. However, it is just the starting point of annihilating measures. With continuous development of scientific technology, more advanced scientific theories and according scientific technologies will appear sooner or later. Force of annihilating measures will be stronger. As long as human being is not extinct at that time, any annihilating measure is at best called more advanced, or more forceful measure, but can’t be called the most advanced or the most forceful one. For science is developing continuously, more forceful and more advanced ones are waiting to be dig out.

With the increasing kinds of extreme measures, scope of people who mastered these measures will surely be enlarged. For as long as any extreme measure appears, there will be a batch of people who can master it. The reason is not just for that. With the development of scientific technology, it will become easier and easier to develop and produce some extreme measures under the guidance of more advanced scientific technologies, which facilitates people to obtain.

Take the destructive measures for example; research and development program for the first atom bomb in the world was called Manhattan Project, which took four years to implement it. Plus two-year’s early-stage preparations, it took 6 years to complete it. It cost as much as $ 2.2 billion dollars and mobilized 5 hundred thousand people, among whom 1.5 hundred thousand were researchers. Electricity consumed by it accounted for one-third all over the country. Because it is a kind of brand-new weapon, all would start from scratch, including related research investment,  therefore cost of it was so expensive.

But today, production of nuclear weapon is much simpler. Some nuclear physicists can design an effective nuclear weapon based on public materials and documents, even an ordinary college student can do so under the guidance of a totally mature theory and technology. 40 years ago, a result of a research, carried out by a related institute in America, indicated that, two ordinary college students in physics department could design the rough structure of atom bomb within three months based on the public materials in library. Production of nuclear weapon described by scientists was very simple, that is, a nuclear physicist, a metallurgist, an electronics physicist and an expert of chemical explosive can direct a group of workers to complete the assembly of nuclear weapon.

If it is said that nuclear weapon is a kind of destructive measure that with huge investment, complex production, with many restrictions and have strong supervision, so it is difficult to be mastered by individual, genetic biological toxin is a kind of destructive measure which is easily to be mastered by individual. A biologist of high level can independently develop trans-genetic toxin in laboratory with few raw material and investment, and is difficult to be monitored.

Looking into the future, at the beginning of the emerging of annihilating measure, only a small number of people or countries can master it and possess it. But with the further development of scientific technology, annihilating measures will become more and more, and easier to obtain, scope of people who can master it will become more extensive. As long as human race isn’t extinct at that time, this trend will not be changed.


II. Types and Characteristics of Homicide

People who sighted the “9.11” attack on TV will never forget the catastrophic scenes for the rest of their life, after that they may involuntarily reflect on what kind of motivation drove the attackers to unflinchingly go to their death, and what kind of “wisdom” could turn the normal transportation tools like aircraft into a weapon of mass destruction, and establish such a rigorous organization and successful plan to go so far as to abduct 4 airplanes at the some time.
In fact, those who know the history of crimes and wars in ancient and modern times are very clear that, although there was no precedent as kidnapping 4 planes at one time, large-scale suicide attacks had happened more than once, and individual suicide attack had appeared in any historical period.

We know that the cannibalism actions of humanity can be generally divided into two types, war and crime. The war emerged since the formation of human society; it represents conflict between two groups that resulting in the inevitable death and injury to both parties. Wars usually shown as massive open slaughters, yet small-scale secret slaughter is also included. Crime and killing refer to the assault and battery to criminal individual or organization comprised by several people violating national laws and social justice, including both concealed small-scale killing and open large-scale killing.

The emergence and development of war and the adopted killing means are, by large extent, influenced by the character and thinking methods of the ruler who controls the direction of war with his dominant position and capacity of manipulating the overall situation, their mind state and wisdom, and the kindness and wickedness in nature character, are the biggest factors determining the property and feature of war.

Criminal homicide is the most universal and usual killing action of human society, for the evil side of human nature and huge group of humanity, inevitably, there are always people depriving others’ life for various purposes.

Regularly, the motivation of criminal homicide can be divided into the following four varieties:

① For money.  This type of criminal is for the purpose of money and property of the victims, robbery, homicide, kidnapping and murder are all included.

② For revenge. This type of criminal is committed for people’s deep hatred of someone. They hate some people so much that they want them die.

③ For special tasks. This refers to the criminals subject to the command of certain organization to kill the designated person. In such cases, the organization behind is the prime criminal, maybe organization with background of government , ethnic group or religion, etc.

④ For abnormal mentality. These criminals are insane in mind, some are tampered by cult, or suffer from psychiatric disorder or metal disease, which make them take murder as a kind of fun and enjoyment, or latent responsibility and duty. They kill for the sake of kill, some are conscious, some are in hallucination when killing other, and all the victims are innocent.

And there is another kind of metamorphic killers who tortured by contradictions and frustrations in life, or processed by feeling of hatred of someone, and their grievance force them to retaliate against certain group or the whole society, country, nation, religion or the humanity, they kill the innocent to release their resentment.

It can be obtained from studies on the killing cases that there are normally two kinds of motives behind the murder crimes, homicide for task and for abnormal mentality seldom happen, but large in scale with severely terrible effects on society, the criminals have no rancor against the victims, they don’t even know each other.

The homicide is sorted in criminology by another approach, and two types of criminal homicide are identified as the most dreadful and harmful to the society. One is series homicide referring to frequent manslaughter in a period which causes a great deal of casualties. For example: the 2002 sniper attack in US, the criminal killed several people in a number of days with foresight-equipped firearms, the whole country were overwhelmed in panic, regular life and works were seriously disturbed; in 2007, Russian police arrested a man who killed over 60 people, mostly were elders, in several years; between 1981 to 1986, a criminal in Taiwan intermittently killed near 20 people, people on the Island were living in fear, police and the local authority were driven crazy. There are all cases of series homicide .

The other is collective homicide referring to one-time crime caused multiple casualties. The “9.11” attack is a typical case, more than 3000 people being killed, the whole world were astounded, and by which the later wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were directly or indirectly touched off; and the bombing  homicide in Shijiazhuang of China in 2001, the criminal exploded a residential building at night when people were in sleep, hundreds of people were killed, the whole country was in shock, and the central government had to mobilize police force throughout the country for investigation and capture. These are cases of collective homicide.

The common causes of either series or collective homicide are psychopathic problems and task execution. All the above cases except the “9.11” attack were arose for psychopathic killers who either killed for fun or revenge to the society, the victim are normally innocent people. The “9.11” attack is task homicide plotted by al-Qaida which was identified as the largest terrorist organization in the world.

It is found through the psychological analysis that evil thoughts can urge a man lose his head and go to all lengths. Some criminals’ homicide behaviors without any scruple were manifested as open homicide, they would not cover up after killing, on the contrary, they confessed what they’d done, even to the police; some other criminals made extremely light of their life, they attacked others at the cost of killing themselves, or commit suicide after killing, death is not frightful for them; some not only neglected their own life, but stretched the evil hands to their families, parents killing or being killed by their children, sisters and brothers murdering each other, homicides like this are nothing new around the world.

Some evil cults instigated their follower committing suicide together; they preached suicide as a kind of relief, and a sacred goal to pursue. For example: in November of 1978, the founder of U.S. evil cult People's Temple agitated the believers for suicide, 900 in total abandoned their life, including a member of congress, but the founder deceiving all his followers ran away. In October, 1994, the founder of Solar Temple based in Geneva directed three collective suicides in Switzerland and Canada, 53 in total were dead including himself.

There are many cults encouraging people to sacrifice their life to be free, large-scale suicidal affair planned by cults happens in every several years, which can be fundamentally diagnosed as metaphrenia type of criminal.

III. Inference: radical means will inevitably be used.

The so-called radical means-the most advanced killing methods will be inevitably used, even if they may not be used in the near future, but in the long run, they will be sooner or later put into use. The consequential use of extreme means here doesn’t mean that all of them will be adopted, but at least one of them will definitely be used someday. As what we are working on is the subsistence of the entire humanity, the final stance of the work is the inevitable utility of extinct means, because for just once being used, the human species will be completely and entirely exterminated.

(1) There are radicals at all times.

In every period of human history, there are groups of people processing different killing motives and committing killings all the time, they might give rise to a war or a crime, and have their own distinctive expectations towards the killing behavior, the expectations can be divided into two major types with three situations based on their features.

The first type is limited killing which means the number of people being killed, comparing to the whole humanity, is limited, the killers don’t want to exterminate the mankind once and for all, and there are two situations:

1. Small-scale killing refers to killing actions to individual or a small number of people in a small area, mainly those by criminals with various minds, and they might be happened in war slaughter.

2. Large-scale killing. Just as it implies, a great number of people will be killed or injured. There are two situations, one is large-scale killing with clear objectives, such as the slaughter aiming at certain groups (such as countries, ethnic groups and organization), and war is the typical killing action, as well as the task homicide and psychopathic homicide. There is also large-scale killing without clear and definite objectives, homicide are carried out for sake of killing, presented as the abnormal criminals killing for retaliation, for fun, or for more people to “go along” with them.

The second type is unlimited killing. This type of killer goes in for the victims as much as possible, and to perish together with them; or to commit suicide after killing. It is the typical killing goal which is expected by psychopath, they must either be driven by evil cult to regard death as extrication; or have the strong hatred and the psychology changes to revengeful thoughts to all of human being; or be demoniacs who are totally in a hallucinatory state.

To achieve different expected values must use through different means, as for this point, it can be analyzed concretely as followed:

Firstly of all is limited killing, in which ordinary means are enough to the small-scale killing, so the destructive means and the deracinating means are not chosen. But for the large-scale killing, they can get once for all the goals through destructive means or can use ordinary means repeatedly even pool them. In general, the war is different from crime. The war is a collective behavior so the war leaders attend to negative effects which have been born in the destruction, and they may not use them easily. But in criminal conduct, some of criminals may scruple about using the destructive means but a great number of them will not. The criminals will realize their goals through using the most extreme and damaging means which they can get including the destruction (but exclusive of the deracinating means).

With regard to unlimited killing, the killer want to touch their expected value just depend on the deracinating means, when they cannot obtain it, they must request for killing as more innocence as possible. Accordingly, their choice should be the tools which have the maximal lethality whenever possible. In other words, the killer’s means is the symbol of the maximal lethality extreme means in that time; if they got that, it is sure to be the first choice.

There is an important reason for that the killer easily make the extreme means as the first choice: It is that the extreme means is at the top of killing means of that time, to use it can be the very focus of all society. That person who has the expected values for unlimited killing and somebody has the expected values for large-scale killing will figure out the extreme means firstly and naturally while they generate motivation to kill.

As seen from the above mentioned, not only there are some person who has the killing motivation in the human society at any time, but also the extreme means would be required for reaching their expected value of killing. Consequently, the killing means are acquired as the most representative, the most lethality and the most inhumane one in that period, and try going out of their ways to get it.

It is needed declare that the key point of this disquisition is human extinctions, the person who dares to sue the deracinating means should be the anticipator of unlimited killing but they must be very few of all society. Beside this, we can see that various society institutions in human society have been designed and made for reducing this type of crime. However, due to human’s weakness, these institutions cannot constrain everyone to keep absolute rational and goodwill to a fraction but the social collectivities, even if there were better social environment, better legal systems and better ethical values. So the complete social institutions just only can reduce the number of the anticipators but cannot deracinate them absolutely.

(Ⅱ)The extreme means must be obtained and used consequentially by the daredevil

For the extreme means in different period, the owner may not use it but the daredevil who dare to use it may not really hold. And yet, based on the lengthy human’s history, any extreme means would be gotten by the daredevil sooner or later, and some of owners would change to be the daredevil finally, no matter the destructive means or the deracinating means. It is needed explain this point, what is called the extreme means which is consequentially occupied by the daredevil refers that one of the top killing means in some age always was hold by the daredevil instead of all of them. In the same way, the owner would become the user, but they would choose one of them not use everyone.

The extreme means must be hold by the daredevil and the holder must become a user, it is two-sides of one question, the former figures that someone is eager for using the means but they do not hold it, for this they would seek it by all of ways, and on the end some of seekers would get and use it; the latter indicates that some of the legal holder would become the user after finishing manufacture. It marks the extreme means was used when any situation of two has come out.

On the part of the first question, base on history, it is an object fact that is any extreme means must be caught by the demander whatever the ordinary means or destructive means. Therefore, we can infer what will appear after new deracinating means is introduced, maybe the original production only be hold by few person and these person are not the daredevils. But with developing breakthrough of science field, there is a law of increase shows the developing trend of the deracinating means will be the following three points. The first is the varieties are increased constantly; the second is the power is strengthened continually; the last is the number of owners is augmented incessantly. So we can deduce the deracinating means must be diffuse to the daredevils. Moreover, the daredevils do not wait for the method’s diffusion naturally, but try their best to search it and speed up getting it.

As for the second question, in the stage of using ordinary means and the stage of using destructive means, there must be the daredevils appear from the owners, this is the same as a basic fact. And the original destructive means, such as using of the atomic bomb, it is decided by its own legal holder.

Of course, to come from the extreme means into the stage of using destructive means, the number of legal holders is the most limited, generally they are controlled by the head of state and only the sovereign class has the legal right of use. In generally, these persons all have considerable intellect so they will not rush these means into using. Even so, there were some country leaders used these means audaciously and emotionally in history.

After analyzing the history of human society, we can see there were a great number of tyrants and fatuous kings. The dominators still are human and have the innate weakness of human. Ordinarily, they stash their sentiment deeply; but they would be more unscrupulous and more frenzied than ordinary psychopath in case their emotion was burst out. Well then if the deracinating means appeared some day, the means should be hold by few chiefs of state and some daredevils of them dare to use it. You will not be doubtful of the conclusion through history, in which many of chiefs of state destroyed everything insanely without considering for the life of themselves and their relations when they lose.