This is a selected edition of the book Saving Human Being, whose main ideas are all included here.

Soon after the book Saving Human Being was published in China in July of 2007, some government departments ordered to stop its publication. I’m sure that relevant decision-makers failed to read whole book seriously. This book is indeed to exceed concept of nation and ideology, since it discusses the things of whole human being.

The contents depicted in Saving Human Being are results of my research in recent 30 years. It costs my hard works and attempts. Furthermore, I believe that these contents are essentially related to the fate and future of human being. Many problems should be solved with no time to delay. Hence I became very worried when it was banned to publish. I must deliver the results of my research to other people as quickly as possible, and translate this book into English, Russian, French and other kinds of languages.  

                                                  Hu Jiaqi, June of 2009