A Brief Introduction to the Founder

Hu Jiaqi, the founder of Save Human Action Organization: Anthropologist and entrepreneur, was born in 1962 in Hunan Province, China. In 1979, he began to study in Northeastern College of Technology (now Northeastern University), shortly afterwards, he began his research on human problems and has been doing so ever since.

After graduation in 1983, Hu Jiaqi mainly worked in the State Bureau of Building Materials of China. In 1994, he founded his company setting foot in artificial intelligence, software development, ad&media, construction engineering and so many others. He has long been a CPPCC member of Mentougou District, Beijing.

Shortly after being inadvertently involved in the research of human problems in 1979, Hu Jiaqi decided to take it as the most important work of his whole life. Because, as the research deepens continuously, he is becoming more and more aware that mankind is facing an extremely serious crisis, which is an unprecedented crisis. The irrational development of science and technology is rapidly pushing humans into the abyss of extinction. Human extinction will happen after 200 to 300 years or even in this century. Therefore we humans must achieve great unification to use the power of world government to strictly control the development of all science and technology that can endanger human survival, especially scientific theories, even seal it forever. Hu Jiaqi holds that as long as the existing safe and mature science and technology is widely spread throughout the world, humans will have enough food and clothing. The world government has the condition and the ability to achieve this goal. Humans should not be too greedy.

Hu Jiaqi believes that humans ask for things immoderately from science and technology, as a result, they get material wealth but no common well being. The reason is that humans have much stress in today's highly competitive society. Achieving great unification is a prerequisite to make the whole world a peaceful, friendly and non-competitive society with equal wealth which is the best for all humans to obtain common well being. Thus the unified society is not only a society that can avoid human extinction, but also an ideal society that can guarantee common well being of humans.

Over the past four decades, Hu Jiaqi has been devoted himself to the research, published many books and articles, written letters to leaders of countries, UN Secretary-General, famous scientists, etc. and gone hither and thither to appeal. Already, he has regarded it as his responsibility as a human instead of just a simple career. His spirit of great perseverance is extremely rare. He gave up his excellent job in the government organization and took the risk of doing business so that he can focus on his research after having certain economic capability and spread the results.

However, his devoted and persistent efforts for decades produced very little effect. Thus he realized only his own fighting can not solve the problem. It is necessary to establish a save human action organization to advance the cause of saving humanity relying on collective strength.

Never hesitate to lay down his life if needed for the cause of saving humanity. It is a true description of Hu Jiaqi, the founder of Save Human Action Organization.